Tuesday, March 03, 2009

FDM additions poll results.

Results for: "What malady would you like to see added to the FDM Reporting System?":

The winner is "fatfold hidden confection."

In the "other" category, were: "DTV Transition Problem" and "caller thinks (using telepathy) that someone in another apt. unit needs help."

Feet stuck to floor 1 (6%)

Itchy elbows 2 (12%)

Bad television reception0 (0%)

Can't find car keys (0%)

Just wanted to say "hi" 1 (6%)

Remote control missing 1 (6%)

Fatfold hidden confection 3 (18%)

Cold (common) 0 (0%)

Insane Clown Posse-itus 2 (12%)

Cat stuck in pants 2 (12%)

Other (email me your answer or put it in the comments) 4 (25%)

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