Monday, April 27, 2009

Last Call Bloomsday

Last call for our Bloomsday water station...
If you haven't come down before or have other plans, cancel them and come help out.
We really need to support this event with a shown of force. KZZU 92.9 has agreed to give us PR/ads the week leading up to the event, they'll start tomorrow.
  • I'm looking for a couple volunteers that would be willing to go on the Dave, Ken and Molly in the morning show to help promote the event this next week as your E-board is in Yakima attending educational classes.
  • I also still need someone willing to take care of an Engine for the event (bring it down, take it back).
We have purchased two large banners promoting who we are, and have the radio station DJ's on site telling the runners who is supporting them. I let the promoters know this year we can handle our own station without the help of ShopKo, Walmart, or whoever else is always wanting in, so lets take charge of our own water station.
We will have shirts there for you to wear, other than that I usually wear warm-up pants over my shorts and comfortable sneakers.
After set-up, the peak of the work is between about 10am and noon or so, if you can show up for a couple hours or come back after running the race for a bit, great.
Every year there is a core group of about 25 people that come and work their butts off and go home exhausted - we really need 60-75 people to work this station.
Sun May 3rd 7am Broadway/Nettleton
Thanks - Thad 9A
251-6336 cell

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