Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fire Press Release

ISSUING OFFICER: Bob Green/Battalion Chief
INCIDENT TYPE: Structure Fire
CITY: Spokane
ZIP: 99205

NARRATIVE: The Spokane City Fire Dept. responded fire fighting crews and their apparatus to 6014 N Howard at 10:35 in the morning on Wednesday, March 17th, for a reported structure fire. The first arriving fire company reported smoke coming from the front door of a single story wood/frame residence and they reported further that they were going to stretch a hose line to the front door and attempt to make entry into the residence to locate and extinguish the fire. Additional fire fighting resources began arriving on scene and as they arrived they were given various assignments which included horizontal and vertical ventilation of the house, a back-up hose line to protect the fire fighters who had already made entry, water supply, RIT team for fire fighter's who might be injured or become lost inside the structure, an additional hose line for fire attack, and Safety. The building on fire was fairly small and the fire was in one room of the house so fire fighters were able to quickly locate the seat of the fire and get a fast knock down of the rapidly growing fire. A search of the home was conducted even though neighbors reported that all of the residents were safely outside; the search confirmed the neighbor's report. The house was being leased by a couple; the female was not at home when the fire broke out however the male was in the house and he was asleep. The male resident is partially paralyzed and is dependant on a wheelchair. He credits his service dog with waking him up by barking and pulling on the bedding, and by doing so this dedicated and resourceful dog quite probably saved the man's life. Red Cross volunteers were on scene to assist the couple with temporary lodging and needed supplies. There were no reports of any injuries to civilians or to the fire fighters at the scene. The fire was contained to the room of origin but that room sustained heavy fire damage as did the contents located in that room. Electrical service to the structure was disconnected by Avista since most of the electrical circuits inside the residence were damaged by the fire. Until all of the electrical and the structural repairs are finished inside the building it will not be able to be used by anyone as a residence. The cause of the mid-morning fire is being investigated by members of the Spokane City Fire Dept.'s Special Investigation Unit. Six pieces of fire fighting apparatus and two Command vehicles delivered 23 fire fighters to the scene.

PROBABLE CAUSE: Under investigation at this time.
DAMAGE EXTENT: Room of origin but with collateral damage outside of that single room.

DOLLAR LOSS: 10,000.00
MUTUAL AID: None Given

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