Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Local 29 Resolutions at the 2010 WSCFF Convention

For the 2010 Washington State Council Convention, Local 29 wrote and sponsored a couple of resolutions. Both were approved unanimously. The first was to encourage firefighters to wear pink duty t-shirts during October 25-28th and the second was to seek legislation to eliminate the super-majority for fire and EMS levies and bonds. Here they are:

Resolution 10-12
Cares Enough to Wear Pink

Whereas: In 2009, the American Cancer Society reported approximately 200,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer in the United States; and
Whereas: 41,000 of these women lost their battle with this disease; and
Whereas: We all need to come together to fight this deadly disease and help lead the way in portraying an image of hope, strength and courage to those women who worry about being alone in their battle for life; and
Whereas: Firefighters normally wear blue 365 days a year, for 4 days we can wear pink to show our support and bring awareness to our community; and therefore be it
Resolved: That the WSCFF encourage their members to participate in the “Cares Enough to Wear Pink” campaign ( to honor those women battling cancer; and be it further
Resolved: That the WSCFF encourage all firefighters to work with their respective fire departments to wear pink duty shirts October 25_28, 2010 to show their support for cancer awareness.

Resolution 10-13
Democracy for Fire/EMS elections in the State of Washington

WHEREAS: Currently, fire departments, fire districts and municipalities run levy and bond measures that are not decided by the majority of the voters. A super-majority is needed to pass these measures.
WHEREAS: Even though a majority of voters may want to preserve the infrastructure of their city by funding these emergency service levies or bonds, a minority can now derail the desire of the majority. This is an affront to democracy and a prejudice against pro-infrastructure, pro-fire, pro-EMS voters.
WHEREAS: Democracy holds that there is a wisdom inherent in the decision made by the majority, a super-majority undermines this principle by allowing a minority to make the collective decision. In the arena of fire and EMS funding, this lack of wisdom can translate into lost lives, lost property, lost property value, mounting insurance premiums and population/job flight from areas where emergency service levies and bonds fail.
WHEREAS: Voters have already recognized the unfairness of a super-majority requirement for levies and bonds by recently voting to remove this requirement from all public school related bonds and levies.
RESOLVED: That the WSCFF pursue legislation to eliminate the super-majority requirement for fire and/or EMS levies and bonds and make this resolution a top priority legislative issue.

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