Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spokesman-Review gets it wrong again...

Jonathan Brunt in this morning's Spokesman-Review reported that last year:

"Firefighters, for instance, gave up no pay or benefits. Instead, the city gave them an early retirement plan that saves money by removing higher-paid veterans from the payroll."

Actually, we did give up benefits. We agreed to dump our really good insurance for a high-deductible insurance plan. THIS SAVED THE CITY $400,000.00.

Come on Jonathan, this is getting a little old. A couple of years ago, we put out a press release saying how we voted to work two days for free for the city. The Spokesman-Review reported nothing. We tried again - nothing. And again with the same result.

It's understandable that every news reporting organization has a bias. That's to be expected. However, the same organization that owns the Spokesman-Review also owns The Journal of Business and, frankly, the expression of their collective bias against our union gets to be a sort of predictably humorous rite.

They say unions are on the ropes, but not as much as newspapers. Wonder why.

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...well I appreciate you guys :)

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