Sunday, October 31, 2010

Full page ad in this morning's paper from Dino Rossi's people tells us how he feels about firefighters and our union....

This full-page ad is from an anonymous well-funded PAC that wants to put Dino Rossi in office. You can see why from the ad. And if you need it spelled out - the reason why is YOU.

These folks who are supporting Rossi think you make too much money, have too safe of working conditions, and are underworked - all this from collective bargaining which Rossi and other Republicans would like to undo and keep others from having.

If you are a firefighter and you haven't decided who to vote for in the senate race, this ad in this morning's Spokesman-Review might give you something to think about.

Patty Murray has always been a supporter of firefighters and our union. Dino Rossi wants to take away our collective bargaining rights and all that they have done for us. And he and his friends are proud to tell you that is exactly what they intend on doing.

Good luck deciding on who to vote for.

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