Tuesday, March 01, 2011


URGENT Please call and/or e-mail Senator Brown NOW. As early as tomorrow she may accept a deal for Workers Comp that would include compromise and release and may also agree to take away any pension benefits for injured workers. Talking points and contact info is listed below.

Beth Thew

Spokane Regional Labor Council, AFL-CIO


Phone:(360) 786-7604

Email: Brown.Lisa@leg.WA.gov

Our Worker Comp system continues to come under attack from the business community! We need you to call – TODAY – to tell your legislators not to cut worker comp benefits!

We urge our legislators to reject attacks on our safety net which simply slash benefits rather than responsibly addressing our long-term disability problem by getting people back to work.

We have proven methods to help injured workers and reduce costs by providing quality medical care from the beginning of a claim (HB1869 and SB 5801).

We also support getting people back to work faster by providing a wage subsidy so small employers can bring injured workers back to light duty/transitional positions (HB 2002).

Do not put injured workers at risk. We urge you to oppose cutting people off long term disability at retirement age and to oppose turning our safety net into a lottery system weighted against injured workers by bringing any form of compromise and release to WA. (SB 5566)

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Anonymous said...

You know, I really do not know what to say. It is a very sad day in Thurston Co when the City of Olympia has or will allow some panty waste to pull the firefighters benefits and family's strong hold in the event there love one is hurt, you know I just moved from Olympia 7 months ago I am a firefighter also but was at a different dept and am still am in another state. But maybe sometime this lady who may sigh this should go to 3rd and puget OFD headquarters and look at fallen firefighter Mark Nobles statue and talk to his wife and put herself in her and other wives spot and wonder what to do with medical coast and at last the loss and the take that damm document and tear it up and never bother our brother and sisters family's benefits prior to cutting there own...... stay strong IAFf #29