Monday, June 20, 2011

MDA Summer Camp and Fill the Boot

SFD Brothers and Sisters,

We had a get together with the MDA folks and the Union and even a City Councilperson last week. Fill The Boot is scheduled for Sept. 17th this year so please put that on your calendars. I have a goal for getting so many off duty L-29 personnel to turn out that we have the lowest need for on duty folks in years. We are the 3rd highest Fire contributor for MDA in the State and they really appreciate our involvement although I sure wouldn’t mind seeing us climb a couple of spots!

I would also love to see us start getting involved in providing folks for helping the local MDA with their camp over in Rathdrum. They love to have EMTs and Paramedics help out because these kids need someone watching over them but it is the time of their lives and many of them can’t wait for Summer Camp each year.

I also wish to extend many thanks To Brian Turpin as he has been getting involved as well. The Union Officers and Bill Gonzalez are working with the City regarding the permit process. Jana Worthington and I are planning on getting some more info out soon and answering questions about how we can help.

Let’s make this year with MDA the best yet!

Terry Canfield

SE13A (soon)

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