Monday, June 18, 2012

Local business seeks to elect individual who would like you to not have money to spend at local business.

It's a free country. I have political signs in my yard that support candidates who support labor and workers.  My neighbors have signs who support the opponents of my candidates. I like my neighbors and they like me.

However, if I had a business, I don't think I would put a sign up that would tell my customers that I support a candidate that wants them to make less money, have longer working hours and unsafe working conditions. I don't think I would have a sign up on my tavern that says "I support a candidate who does not believe you should have the right to collectively bargain." Nancy McLaughlin was the only city council member who voted against a nonbonding resolution that simply said the City of Spokane endorses the rights of its employees to collectively bargain. Incidentally, this is a right recognized by every industrialized nation in the world and the UN. Nancy has an ideological agenda. She has been working to make labor unions a thing of the past. She would like laborers to be making minimum wage - if that minimum wage were drastically slashed.

So why would the owners of the Maxwell House, a place where union members meet, where working families gather, where some enjoy their pensions (Nancy is no fan of pensions either) by sharing a beer or two, why would they endorse a candidate who would like to shrink their customer base?

Nancy seems like a nice, albeit confused, older lady. I suppose she nicely asked them to put up the sign and they did. They are probably unaware of her politics and her ideological stance against many of the Maxwell House's customers. Why, if you were a business, would you put up any sign endorsing any political candidate?

Let the Maxwell House know the next time you go in that it may be your last. Not because you are boycotting the place, but because  if Nancy gets in office, you probably won't have the money to go out to eat or drink - especially if you are a union member or if you are on a pension.

Thanks, John

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