Wednesday, June 27, 2012

President Schaitberger addressing the WSCFF Convention

He talked a lot about pending elections. Where the IAFF has been involved, we've been successful in beating back legislation and candidates who seek to scale back worker's rights.

Stated how ALEC used the 2008 Recession to turn workers against workers - channeling their anger, which should have been directed toward ALEC and their allies, against other workers.

Said that the IAFF historically made strides in benefits by saying, "Hey, we want what those guys have." Then we worked to achieve it. Now, Republicans have been successful at reversing this, getting others to say, "Hey, those guys have something we don't. Take it away from them."

Stressed that if Republicans gain Senate, that new committee heads have already stated their desire to take away what you have and destroy what we've built. That is their goal and they have said so.

If GOP wins they will take us back 100 years. 100 years ago, 10 families controlled our nation. Then there was the Workers Rights Movement and democracy. This took power away from the few wealthiest in our nation. They are going to take it back from all of us, if we let them.

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