Wednesday, September 26, 2012

4 Alarm Apartment Fire

Four Alarm Fire

Incident #: 2012041697
Date of Incident: 9/25/2012
Issuing Officer: AC Schaeffer

On Tuesday 25, 2012 at 4:03 PM, a single engine company was dispatched to a report of smoke in the area of Deaconess Hospital. As the company arrived in the area, they were met with heavy smoke showing from a three-story 160' x 50' apartment building at 725 South Lincoln. The alarm was immediately upgraded to include a reinforced assignment of 7 additional companies of Spokane Firefighters-3 Engines, 1 Heavy Rescue and 3-Senior Ladders under the direction of Battalion Chiefs Cornelius and Donahoe. As the additional companies were arriving they were assigned to rescue and evacuate the occupants in the three-story, multiple unit apartment building. A second alarm was requested at 4:12 pm and subsequent third and fourth alarms followed shortly after. Due to the area's narrow roads and parked cars, SPD was forced to tow vehicles in order to allow access by fire apparatus so they could fight the fire. All three of the City's ladder companies were utilized to search for victims and provide vertical ventilation on the roof, just above the fire. Engine companies simultaneously attacked the rapidly progressing fire from the building's interior on all three floors in an attempt to prevent its growth and limit damage. It took nearly 75 Firefighters and staff over two hours to control the incident. Firefighters were able to contain the damage to a third of the building and prevent it from spreading into adjacent single family homes. There were no injuries to either civilians or to firefighters as a result of the incident.

The cause is under investigation and the American Red Cross assisted any displaced occupants. More information regarding this incident will be available tomorrow.

Firefighters are remaining on scene throughout the night, protecting the homeowners belongings from additional damage during the salvage and overhaul operations. A formal damage assessment will be completed tomorrow.

# Firefighters Responding: 75

Other Fire Districts Responding: Fire District 1, Fire District 9

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