Monday, December 17, 2012

With your help, tomorrow, we'll be handing out over 500 coats.

Mike Bacon still needs more of us to help deliver  and distribute these coats. As you can imagine, moving 553 coats from Station One to the school will be quite a chore. Then there is the distribution of the coats. Different sizes, colors and styles mixed with a lot of kids ready for Christmas vacation will make the logistics challenging. The more people we have,  the easier it will be. If you can make yourself available to help in the morning or the early afternoon, please call or text Mike at 998-3615.

This is a great way to help, on your day off, some of the families you help every day at work. This might be the best gift some of these kids will receive this Christmas, and you could be the one giving it to them.

Thanks, John

Here is a video of how these things usually play out:

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