Saturday, August 10, 2013

Four Fire Press Releases

Update 19th Ave Update
Incident #: 
Date of Incident: 08/09/2013
Issuing Officer: AC Schaeffer
Narrative:Devastation from yesterday's structure fires near 19th/Sherman resulted in an estimated $500,000 of property loss and millions saved from the potential destruction of a neighborhood.  According to accounts from the Spokane Fire Department's Special Investigation Unit, two single family residences were considered catastrophic losses. A third single family home received heavy fire damage to the deck, siding, and attic. The fire was extending into the third home from through a kitchen window and exterior door when firefighters successfully extinguished it, preventing damage on the home’s interior.

A fourth structure sustained smoke damage to one of the four apartments. The tenant had a box fan pulling air into the structure through a window facing the fire and the fan was left operating after she evacuated.

In addition to the structural damage there were three cars, one motorcycle, and a boat that were completely consumed by the fire.

There were no civilian injuries and one minor firefighter injury as a result the incident, which lasted several hours.

The official fire cause remains undetermined, however both prospective scenarios appear accidental.  The details will be shared when we learn more from the SIU.
End Of Release 
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Wishing Well mobile home park 
Incident #: 2013035594
Date of Incident: 08/07/2013
Issuing Officer: Battalion Chief Jones
Narrative:This morning Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 0635 hours the Spokane Fire Department responded to the Wishing- Well motor home park located a 4911 N. Florida.  Spokane Engine 15 was the first to arrive, and reported a single wide mobile home fully involved with fire E 15 also reported that the structure was vacant.  E15 immediately directed hose leads to protect the exposures on either side of the burning structure.  Other arriving units were assigned to conduct search operations, and assist with extinguishment of the fire.  There were no injuries to fire personnel.
Cause:The cause arigin of the fire is under investigation by the SFD SIU.
Damage:The  single wide mobile home was a total loss
# Firefighters Responding: 25
Dollar Loss: $ 5000.
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For more information on this release please call (509) 625-7002

North Battalion Residence Fire
Incident #: 2013035315
Date of Incident: 08/05/2013
Issuing Officer: AC Schaeffer
Narrative:On Monday, August 5, 2013 at 4:49 PM, 6 Companies of Spokane Firefighters, 4 Engines, 1 Senior Ladder and 1 Heavy Rescue under the direction of Battalion Chiefs Donahoe and Moline, responded to an explosion and resulting fire at 3704 West Olympic Avenue in Northwest Spokane. Spokane Firefighters arrived quickly to find a single family home heavily involved in fire and beginning to extend to a two-car garage and neighboring home to the west. First arriving companies were met by floor refinisher workers that explained they were applying a petroleum based lacquer on the floors in the home when a pilot light ignited the fumes causing an immediate explosion and resulting fire. The worker confirmed that the home was unoccupied and that the workers were all accounted for. The fire was fueled by highly flammable chemicals and created extreme fire behavior for the first alarm companies. The incident was subsequently upgraded to a working fire adding additional resources to assist in the efforts to contain the fire’s progress. The fire was brought under control in 45-minutes and was successfully contained to the home of origin and firefighters prevented extension to the adjacent buildings. Despite the heavy amount of damage from the blast and fire, there were no injuries.
Cause:The official cause of the fire remains under investigation by the SIU.
Damage:As a result of the explosion and fire the structure is deemed untenable. Assisting the two residents in their need for temporary housing were staff from the City's Housing Department and volunteers from the American Red Cross.
# Firefighters Responding: 24
Dollar Loss: $ 100000
Other Agencies Responding:
Spokane Police Department,
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For more information on this release please call (509) 625-7002

Wildland Urban Interface Fire
Incident #: 2013035341
Date of Incident: 08/05/2013
Issuing Officer: AC Schaeffer
Narrative:On Monday August 5, 2013 at 6:48 PM, a total of four brush engines, under the direction of Battalion Chiefs Moline and Donahoe, responded to a brush fire that was upgraded from a single company response in the area of 2600 East Upriver. Firefighters arrived to find a column of smoke and 3-4 acres of light to heavy brush burning near apartment buildings. The incident started alongside the steep hill below the railroad tracks and just above North Crescent Avenue.

Although the fire was slow moving, the initial company quickly assessed the need additional units due to there being three separate fires in steep and rocky terrain. As companies arrived, the additional personnel tied into the railroad right-of-way and were strategically placed on both west and east flanks halting the fire from its advance into adjacent multi-family homes.  With relatively slow wind speeds, increasing relative humidity and cooler temperatures, firefighters were able to knock down the flames in less than 1 hour. The fire was completely extinguished with no threats to civilian or any structures.
Cause:The fires (all three) were accidental in nature and caused by a BNSF train traveling through the area moments before the fire was discovered.
Damage:Wildland only, no structures were involved.  Total amount burned was 4 acres.
# Firefighters Responding: 14
Dollar Loss: $ 0
Other Agencies Responding:
Spokane Police Department, BNSF
End Of Release 
For more information on this release please call (509) 625-7002

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