Monday, April 02, 2012

Fire Press Release

South Battalion Single Family House Fire

Incident #: 2012013309
Date of Incident: 4/1/2012
Issuing Officer: B.C. Mike Thompson

The Spokane Fire Department dispatched fire fighting crews and their apparatus to 3111 East 17th at 10:34 AM on Sunday, April 1, for a reported structure fire. The first arriving fire company, Engine 14 from the Southeast neighborhood Fire Station reported fire coming from the roof near the chimney of a single family wood frame structure. Based on the first arriving company's report of fire showing Battalion Chief Thompson upgraded the incident to a Working fire, which added a senior ladder Truck to the incident. Arriving engine companies stretched pre-connected hose lines into the structure to confine the fire's progress while ladder companies went to the roof to provide vertical ventilation and to the interior of the structure for search and rescue. The search confirmed that all occupants were out of the structure. Because the structure had undergone extensive remodeling much of the interior finish had to be stripped to expose the hidden pockets of fire after the main body had been extinguished. The last fire company left the scene approximately four hours after the incident began. There were no injuries reported to firefighters or civilians.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by members of the Spokane Fire Dept. Special Investigation Unit.

The house suffered severe damage to the main floor living areas and also to potions of the roof.

# Firefighters Responding: 25

Dollar Loss: $100,000

End Of Release
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