Friday, October 27, 2006

Brad Cassell for E-Board Letter!

Brad Cassell
The louder alternative
For E board

I would like to ask for your vote for E Board. Anybody who knows me knows that anything I have to say I say loudly, and for all to hear. I have been on the job for 9 years and feel that it is time to get involved. I’ve been the station rep for station 16 and having worked all over this job I think I have a handle on what is going on with our job and union. I, as many, feel that the communication between the “man on the street” and the many at the top has been cut off at the ankles. I personally don’t have a plan on fixing this problem, but am willing to try.

I would like to see many more of my union brothers and sisters involved in the decisions that our union and admin leaders are making. It seems to me that it’s always the same people running for our union leadership positions, and I think it’s time for a change. If you’re not in the circle you don’t have any input. If elected, I plan on listening to any and all ideas even if they suck! I hear good ideas every day around the kitchen table. No matter how good these ideas, if they are not heard at the top then they will never get implemented. If you have something to say I will listen and try to do my best to make this job even better.

I would also like to see more opportunities for our brotherhood to get together. When I came on this job just a few years ago there seemed to be endless opportunities available to hang out together as a group. Lately it seems that other than union meetings, the prom and carousel night, there aren’t the opportunities we used to have to get to know one another off the job. Even these events have the same people attending most of the time. I don’t have any answers for this either, but once again I’m willing to try.

Well there’s my pitch, I tried to keep it short and simple,


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