Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Doug Bacon for President Letter!

This Union is facing challenges in communications, contract negotiations, & LEOFF II improvements. I can lead Local 29 in resolving our issues. I have the time, experience, job knowledge, ideas & drive to accomplish these goals. I am eager to listen to you and resolve your issues.
It is imperative that we improve communications from the kitchen table to the City Council chambers and at every level in between. We cannot have our members feeling left out, ignored and uninformed. We need a Local 29 Media Committee to develop & implement ways to make sure that the public is aware of what we do and what we have given and given up for the citizens. Using the Executive Board & Station Representatives more effectively is imperative. Local 29 must be accountable to you to effectively lead.
We must start negotiations as quickly as allowed. We need to either have a contract signed or be in arbitration by September 2007. We cannot let the contract expire without being in Arbitration. The City needs to know we are ready for this step at the first negotiations meeting!
If we don't take a leadership role in LEOFF II in this State, who will. We have many ideas on what needs to be changed or improved. We just need to put these ideas into legislation and make sure these proposals are passed in Olympia. We need a Local 29 LEOFF II Pension Board to find ways to get money for medical expenses after retirement. I've expressed possible ways to do this. We need to make sure that the 790 Committee & the W.S.C.F.F. are listening to our concerns and our ideas. What is important to Spokane Firefighters better be important to these entities.
I ask for your support with these issues.

Doug Bacon

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