Saturday, November 27, 2004

New city e-mail logon address

Well, I might be the last one to know this, but there's a new city e-mail access address. The sign on stuff remains the same. Just click on the link above and it should take you there. Sorry if this is old news to many of you, but things are otherwise slow. Hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving Weekend.


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

City Council Meeting Last Night...

We packed the house. And a lot of our members had great things to say. It seemed like the councilmembers were hearing us, as well. When Borg was speaking, a lot of them were taking notes. The best was the citzens who spoke. I think if we have any success, it will be because the citizens of this city are really angry.

The city acknowledges public safety is at the top of the list for what's important for a city to fund, yet, percentage-wise, they cut fire and police like it's the least important thing a city does. Not a recipe for re-election I would wager.

They replay the city council meeting on channel 5. If you get a chance to watch some of it, do. After watching it, you realize that if the city put a tax on Power Point presentations, we would soon be out of our financial woes. But when I heard what most of the citizens had to say about what we do, I was grateful and humbled. We have such good people in our corner willing to come to come to bat for us, so we can continue to do our job for them.

John G.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Yesterday's doorbelling, today's news....

When I left the office yesterday, there were only about 1000 flyers left. That means we put out 5000 so far. Around 50 firefighters (including a battalion chief) had signed up to deliver the flyers and postcards. Yesterday, we also had KREM, KXLY and KHQ follow firefighters and their families as they doorbell. Thanks to all the families that participated in this effort.

On another note, we had a big write-up in this morning's paper. Other than comparing the current salary of Tacoma firefighters with a salary we will have 2 years from now, it was good. Chief Williams did a great job telling citizens what they can expect from these cuts. We are becoming more unified, and that can only help us in our goal of not gutting the department that the citizens deem as the most essential in the city budget.

Remember the city council meeting tomorrow night at 6 pm. We need to pack the house.