Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fire Press Release

ISSUING OFFICER: Battalion Chief Steve Sabo
INCIDENT TYPE: Structure Fire
INCIDENT ADDRESS: 3914 W. Longfellow Ave.
CITY: Spokane
ZIP: 99205

NARRATIVE: At 0511 this morning, Tuesday, March 3rd, the Spokane Fire Department was dispatched to a reported house fire at 3914 W. Longfellow Ave. Upon arrival, the first crew found a single family, one story house with light smoke coming from the eves of the roof, and light smoke on the main floor. The occupants reported that they experienced electrical problems in the kitchen last evening, and noticed a slight odor of smoke this morning. Thermal imaging cameras were used to locate the source of the smoke, which was in the kitchen ceiling and the upper portion of several walls in that area. As other crews arrived they assisted in opening up the walls and ceiling to expose and extinguish the fire. The fire had likely been burning in the attic insulation all night, and several ceiling joists had burned completely through. The occupants had an operating smoke detector, but it did not activate because the smoke was mostly confined to the attic. While there was minimal smoke or heat damage to the living area of the house, significant repairs will need to be made to the walls and ceiling in the kitchen and dining room due to the fire mitigation actions. The electrical wiring in those areas was also damaged. The four adult occupants of the house will be unable to stay there until repairs are made. The Red Cross is assisting them with temporary accommodations.

PROBABLE CAUSE: The cause of the fire was determined to be malfunctioning electrical wiring in the attic, which ignited insulation and wood framing members.
DAMAGE EXTENT: Damage to the structure and wiring is estimated to be $10,000.
MUTUAL AID: None Given

For more information on this release, please call (509)625-7002 and/or check out the SFD Blog at www.spokanefire.blogspot.com


FDM additions poll results.

Results for: "What malady would you like to see added to the FDM Reporting System?":

The winner is "fatfold hidden confection."

In the "other" category, were: "DTV Transition Problem" and "caller thinks (using telepathy) that someone in another apt. unit needs help."

Feet stuck to floor 1 (6%)

Itchy elbows 2 (12%)

Bad television reception0 (0%)

Can't find car keys (0%)

Just wanted to say "hi" 1 (6%)

Remote control missing 1 (6%)

Fatfold hidden confection 3 (18%)

Cold (common) 0 (0%)

Insane Clown Posse-itus 2 (12%)

Cat stuck in pants 2 (12%)

Other (email me your answer or put it in the comments) 4 (25%)