Friday, August 21, 2009

fire press release

ISSUING OFFICER: Mike Inman / Battalion Chief
INCIDENT TYPE: Structure Fire
CITY: Spokane
ZIP: 99207

NARRATIVE: At just before 2:00 am Friday August 21, 2009 the Spokane Fire Department was called to a house full of smoke at 923 E. Walton in Spokane, WA. Four Engines, one Ladder Truck, one Rescue Unit and two Battalion Chiefs were dispatched for a total of twenty one Firefighters. Upon arrival of Engine 2 found a single family residence with moderate smoke coming out of the front door. They advanced a 1 ¾" hose line to the front door. Inside they found a window air conditioning unit that had burned up. They reported the fire was out and all they needed was two Engine Companies and a Ladder Truck to assist with ventilating the smoke out of the residence. The air conditioner was plugged into an extension cord with other electrical items in the living room. Damage was confined to the air conditioner, a chair, some items on a desk, molding around the window, smoke throughout the house and scorched paint around the window. A neighbor assisted by helping get birds out of the house and fighting the fire with a garden hose. Both adults at home at the time as well as one of the neighbors said they had breathed some smoke but refused aid when looked at by Engine 15 a Paramedic unit. The quick actions by the neighbor most likely minimized the fire damage but it can be dangerous using a garden hose to fight a fire inside or involving a structure. Smoke inhalation, electrical shock, and the intensity of the fire being too much for the small amount of water coming from a standard garden hose are just some of the dangers faced when citizens attack a fire involving a structure using a garden hose. Smoke detectors inside the house were sounding and everyone got out safely. The air conditioning unit in this house appeared to be plugged into an extension cord. Don't use extension cords to power air conditioners as they draw too much electricity for an extension cord to handle. It can quickly lead to overheating which causes a fire.

PROBABLE CAUSE: Accidental, electrical
DAMAGE EXTENT: The air conditioner, a chair, some items on a desk, molding around the window, broken glass in the window, smoke throughout the house and scorched paint around the window.
MUTUAL AID: None Given

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Binkoski discovers this gem...

Abolish the Nazi-Commie Nightmare of Public Firefighting

The patriots who have killed off this so-called "public option" for so-called "healthcare reform" need to learn from the mistakes the first President Bush made way back in 1991 when he chickened out and blew his chance to march all the way to Baghdad and dethrone Saddam Hussein.

Unlike Poppy Bush, today's pro-corporate, pro-capitalist warriors need to show some backbone. They need to keep marching. Because, though they are on a righteous path, they have been thinking small. Way too small.

Consider this your formal invitation to join in THE fight for the future of American freedom. I'm referring to the fight to abolish public firefighting. For too long we have endured the socialistic nightmare of tyrannical laws that incite our neighbors to call 911 and report us TO THE GOVERNMENT when our homes are on fire.

Americans are so brainwashed that only a tiny, patriotic sliver of us have truly understood the fascist flood that gushes from taxpayer-funded fire hoses every day in these United States. The facts are chilling. So wake up, America!

FACT: When a neighbor reports your burning home to the government, you as the property owner are helpless. The taxpayer-funded sirens come ever closer, whether you like it or not, until finally the trucks arrive on your property. Soon your door is bashed from its hinges, your windows are in shards, your belongings are soaked with the fluoridated poison that passes for a municipal water supply.

FACT: You as the property owner get no say whatsoever as to who is sent to extinguish a blaze in your home. The government DOES NOT CARE about the sacred trust that is supposed to exist between an individual homeowner and the individual firefighter he would select to be the defender of his little piece of the American dream. No. Instead, callous government bureaucrats DECIDE FOR US which masked, helmeted strangers will be dispatched to breach our supposedly sacred homes. Breathing taxpayer-funded oxygen from taxpayer-funded tanks, these strangers even have the authority to snatch our children from their beds. Our children! FROM THEIR BEDS! Again, I say: WAKE UP, AMERICA!

FACT: Government bureaucrats decide which firefighting services will be available and which will be rationed. Under a market-based system, we would be able to contract for firefighting that is tailored to our individual needs. Instead, we get this one-size-fits-all travesty of a system. Just one example: Try calling 911 and asking for a firefighter to come blow out your birthday candles. At best, the bureaucrats will laugh at you. At worst, the bureaucrats will send straightjacket-wielding thugs to your home. All the while, it is you -- the taxpayer, the property owner -- who is paying the salaries of these jackals and hyenas.

FACT: The property owner loses all authority to decide what or whom should be saved from his burning home. The unthinking bureaucratic drones will always choose human life over an inanimate object. Heaven help you if you want the firefighters to save some precious possession and let your house guests burn alive. The bureaucrats refuse to listen.

Even if your house guests are parasites who have overstayed their welcome.

Even if your house guests are the sort of people who write satire.

Even if the precious object is a Bible.

Even if the precious object an American flag.

Even if the precious object is the original copy of the Second Amendment.

Without fail, the bureaucrats will save the parasite, save the satirist. Without fail, they will let the Bible burn, let the American flag burn, let our God-given right to bear arms go up in flames. Can there be any more clear evidence of the tyranny we are up against? NO!

Keep marching.

If we seize this moment, if we maintain this momentum, we can give our children an America free from the totalitarian, communist abomination of public firefighting.

Keep marching!


Huffington Post blogger David Quigg lives in Seattle where some of his photographs will be on display through September 10.

Fire Press Release

ISSUING OFFICER: Ken Kirsch/Battalion Chief
INCIDENT TYPE: Structure Fire
INCIDENT ADDRESS: 3303 S. Inland Empire Way
CITY: Spokane

NARRATIVE: On 08/19/09 at approximately 0522 hrs units of the City of Spokane Fire Department responded to 3303 S. Inland Empire Way upon report of a structure fire. First arriving units found a one and one half story, wood-frame, single family residence with smoke and fire showing from the second floor. First arriving firefighters were able to quickly determine that all occupants were out of the building and were then able to concentrate on extinguishing the blaze. Fire was evident coming from the structures 2nd floor west end, which contained sleeping areas, and from the 1st floor's east end, which was attic space. Firefighters advanced pre-connected hose-lines up the stairs to the second floor and were able to get and initial knock down of the fire within about 15 minutes. At the same time other crews used chain saws to ventilate the roof, covered the belongings of the tenants with tarps, provided first aid to one burn victim, and pull down ceilings on the first floor to gain access to fire above. A total 12 apparatus, with 33 firefighters fought this blaze. The first knock down of the fire took about 15 minutes but fire crews will continue to be on scene for some time to overhaul the scene looking for any hidden fire and to clean up areas of the residence as necessary. Fire Investigators are also on to scene to determine the fire cause.

There was one civilian burn injury at this fire. The owner of the property and one tenant advanced a garden hose to the second floor in an attempt to extinguish the fire prior to the arrival of firefighters. On scene reports indicate a portion of the burning structure fell onto them causing the burn injuries. Aid was rendered to the patient by on scene medics and he was transported to the hospital. No injuries to firefighters were reported.

PROBABLE CAUSE: Fire Investigators are currently on scene and are investigating the cause of this fire. The cause of the fire is currently undetermined.
DAMAGE EXTENT: Damage to structure included fire damage to the entire second floor and attic space of the single story portion of the residence. Smoke and water damage was also evident on the first floor of the structure. In addition crews had to open the ceilings on the first floor in an attempt to find any hidden fire so it would not extend to other areas of the residence.

MUTUAL AID: None Given

For more information on this release, please call (509)625-7002 and/or check out the SFD Blog at


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