Friday, January 21, 2005

A couple of new job openings from Kevin H.

The first:

Hey Kevin,

I have a friend that is FireFighter/Paramedic in Walla Walla. The Chief down there is planning on hiring a few entry level people this year, so my friend suggested taking some of our laid off guys and the Chief told him to find out if there is any interest from us. His name is Brian MacIntyre and his e-mail  is


Kelly Hoyt

The second:

Attention all you FF/PM if you are interested I have a contact name and number for port ludlow.  They wish to do a lateral entry very soon and have extended a hand to us.  They are looking for someone with fire experience though.  So here it is .....

editor's note: This was a posting for openings in Jefferson County. I was asked to remove it by their local president, as the positions have been filled, and now (almost 2 years later) people are still calling in reference to this posting. Thanks to Local 3811 for the original posting and your patience.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Openings in Boise...

We are currently taking applications and supplementals for Paramedics & Firefighter/Paramedics. We project to hire between 6 & 9 on May 1, 2005. I am attaching the job announcement and the website info. If you could pass this on to any of your firefighters that meet the requirements of Paramedic.


Tom Lovell
President, Local #672
Boise, ID

P.S. I was born and raised in Spokane and moved to Boise 14 years ago. It is the best place to live in my opinion. We are continuing to grow even though most departments are laying off. Call if you have any questions: 208-283-2672

Here is the website that applicants need to visit for the most current information:  This one you must go to the fire department section.


Here is the direct page link: