Monday, December 25, 2006

Dan Renner endorses Greg Borg for Local 29 President...

Brothers and Sisters,

First, I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement during the campaign. Even though I came up short, I appreciated the opportunity to talk with everyone and hear your ideas and concerns. While I have disagreed with Greg Borg in the past as to the best way to do the business of Local 29, I have never doubted his passion for the Fire Service, and Local 29. From the Labor/Management table, to City Hall, to Olympia, Greg has been working on our behalf since before most of us were even on the job. In light of the challenges we are facing in the upcoming years(s), there is no question in my mind that Greg is the best choice, and deserves to remain at the helm of Local 29. Over the course of my campaign, I repeatedly stressed that I would have a learning curve if elected even after my years on the Executive Board, committees and the like. For someone to come in cold, at this crucial time for us, the learning curve would be even greater. In my opinion, that’s something we cannot risk. I support Greg Borg for re-election as President of Local 29, and would encourage everyone who voted for me initially to vote for Greg as well.

Dan Renner