Saturday, February 22, 2014

String of Northside Arson FIres Keep Crews Busy

Incident #: 2014009271
Date of Incident: 02/22/2014
Issuing Officer: Battalion Chief Bill Donahoe
At 02:05 AM, February 22, 2014 the Spokane Fire Department responded companies to 2404 North Columbus on a reported structure fire. Spokane Engine 2 from the Logan neighborhood arrived on scene and reported a single family dwelling with fire involved in vegetation impinging on the structure. While in route Spokane Ladder 2 reported a second fire at 2607 North Hogan involving an out building fully involved behind this address. At this time the two responding Battalion Chiefs divided the incoming Fire companies to the separate incidents along with calling in additional resources and the Fire Investigator. While the North Battalion Chief was in route to the second incident he discovered a third fire at the intersection of Helena and Fairview which was a couch fully involved next to a detached garage. Then a fourth fire came in at 1703 East Liberty which involved garbage cans set on fire. A 5th fire call came in at the intersection of Lacrosse and Pittsburg which was reported to be vegetation on fire. This incident was not confirmed in the darkness of night and is being investigated at this time along with the other four incidents. These five incidents taxed the resources of the Spokane Fire Dept during the early morning hours of February 22nd. Fortunately all of the fires except the incident at 2607 North Hogan were found in the incipient phase and quickly extinguished. All of these fires were dispatched within a few minutes of each other. The Spokane Police Department did an excellent job assisting the Fire Department in setting up a perimeter and searching for a suspect. No injuries were reported by civilians or firefighters.

Cause: The Spokane Fire Department Special Investigation Unit is actively investigating these four confirmed incidents and they have been declared arson.There is not a confirmed suspect at this time.
Damage: There was very light fire damage to the soffit area of the roof associated to the home at 2404 North Columbus. The outbuilding at 2607 North Hogan is a total loss along with the partial loss of an exposed automobile. The fire damage at the other 2 confirmed incidents involved the destroyed couch and plastic garbage cans only.
# Firefighters Responding: 37
Dollar Loss: $ $10,000.00
Other Agencies Responding:
Spokane Police Dept.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

East Side Duplex Fire

Photo from Spokane News
Incident #: 2014008610
Date of Incident: 02/18/2014
Issuing Officer: Craig Cornelius/Battalion Chief
Narrative: A working smoke detector alerted residents of a north side duplex to a developing garage fire today.  Residents were alerted around 11:00 AM and found a well developed fire in an attached garage.  911 was called and the Spokane Fire Department dispatched six fire apparatus and 20 firefighters to the incident.
Engine 8’s crew, under the direction of Lt. Dan Awbery arrived at the fire within 4 minutes of leaving their station.  Lt. Awbery reported a large duplex with heavy dark smoke coming from the east unit and garage area.  Engine 8’s crew immediately stretched a hose line to the fire unit to attack the spreading fire.   Upon Station 2’s arrival, Command was transferred to Ladder 2’s officer who upgraded the incident to a “working fire” and called for an addition company.   Firefighters advanced hose lines inside the structure while other firefighters were assigned to search the duplex and to verify occupant safety.  Additional incoming units were assigned to secure a hydrant water supply, and provide for ventilation.  The quick response and decisive actions by the first arriving firefighters brought this hot fire under control within 15 minutes.   Crews were on the scene for several hours removing debris and making sure the fire was extinguished.  A total of 28 firefighters participated in the extinguishment of this fire.
There were no injuries at this incident.  3 tenants of the involved fire unit have been displaced due to heavy fire and smoke damage to their unit.  The fire damage was confined to this one unit.  The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Cause: Still under inverstigation.
Damage: Heavy fire damage to the garage and half of one of the duplex units..
# Firefighters Responding: 27
Dollar Loss: $ 50,000

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Southside Kitchen Fire Injures One

Incident #: 2014008468
Date of Incident: 02/17/2014
Issuing Officer: Bruce Moline/Battalion Chief
Narrative: Monday, February 17th, 2014 at 12:04 P.M. the Spokane Fire Department responded to a report of a fire in a basement located at 1827 W. 9th. Fire crews found a kitchen fire burning in a basement apartment unit that was spreading up the walls and towards the main level of the apartment complex. An occupant of the basement apartment unit was cooking on the stove when the fire grew out of control and spread to nearby walls. She received second degree burns to her face and was treated by Spokane Fire Department paramedics and firefighters. The fire was knocked down quickly and as a result, the fire was confined to the basement apartment unit including some of the wooden porch immediately above. Crews spent time performing overhaul work making sure every sign of fire was thoroughly extinguished. Cooking fires are relatively common in the city of Spokane, and the Fire Department would like to remind everyone to be attentive while cooking, have an extinguisher nearby and make sure your smoke detectors are in working order. The Red Cross was notified to provide guidance and assistance to the tenant. AMR ambulance assisted at the scene as well, as did the Avista company with natural gas and electrical concerns.
Cause: Fire escaped a container on the stove while cooking.
Damage: Fire damage to the adjacent walls in the kitchen area including immediate porch area above apartment unit. Fire damage to venting system and fan. Some smoke damage in the kitchen area.
# Firefighters Responding: 22

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Northside Structure Fire

Incident #: 2014008211
Date of Incident: 02/15/2014
Issuing Officer: Battalion Chief Clive Jones
Narrative: On February 15, 2014 8:14 PM 6 Companies of Spokane Firefighters, 1 senior Ladder, 4 Engines and 1 Heavy Rescue responded to a residence fire at 3811 N. Calispel. S2 was first to arrive, did a 360 and reported smoke and flames showing from the rear of a single-story, single family residence. Finding a working fire in the rear of the house, companies made entry through the front and protected the home from receiving additional smoke and heat damage by pushing the fire out the back. Companies were able to extinguish the fire quickly and successfully limited property loss primarily to the rear of the home. There were no injuries reported from either residents or firefighters.
Cause: The cause is under investigation by the SIU
Damage: Damage is primarily to the rear of the home and fairly extensive.
# Firefighters Responding: 22
Dollar Loss: $ 50,000.
Other Agencies Responding:
Red Cross, Avista