Thursday, May 31, 2007

An invitation to Local Businesses

We are hosting an event in June which should be very good for Spokane businesses, especially those Downtown. Local 29 is hosting the 2007 Washington State Council of Firefighters Convention at the Davenport Hotel the last week of June. There should be over 500 people coming to Spokane for this convention. A lot of money is spent at these events, and the firefighters and their families will be looking for ways to have fun and enjoy our fantastic Downtown.

We are putting together registration packets for the delegates. In these packets, if businesses would like to put coupons or other incentives to visit their businesses, we would be happy to include them. Also, for a small charge, local businesses can have a vinyl banner advertisement placed in the vendor area. The contact person for interested businesses is Thad Frater - 922-3518.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Been talking to some folks who say that 1. What they asked to be put on the "Wish List" is not one of the online choices of the "Wish List," or 2. They were never asked what they wanted at all. So here is an unofficial chance to let your muffled voices be heard. Crying towels, pet insurance or riding crops for Class A's. Whatever. Hit comment. You can remain anonymous, if you like. Just remember, it just isn't us reading this, so if it's something too risque - like Speedos for Water Rescue, I probably won't post it. Thanks. Let's do this thing.