Saturday, June 09, 2012

Spokesman-Review likes our pension system - They just won't say so.

Again, to set the record straight: Spokane Firefighters pay the majority of their pensions, are on no city pension, save the city one-percent because the city does not have to pay into Social Security, etc.

Read the responses to an editorial in this morning's Spokesman-Review. The editorial seeks to rile everyone up by talking about pension reform in some California cities. What the newspaper (purposefully?) left out was comparing the vilified California city pensions to our pensions.

Our pension plan was probably a model for the change that the Spokesman-Review now applauds the California cities for making. You'll never hear them say that though!

Here's the link:

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Fire Press Release

2918 East Diamond

Incident #: 2012023195
Date of Incident: 6/5/2012
Issuing Officer: Joel Fielder/Battalion Chief

Last night at 11:19 PM, June 5, 2012 the Spokane Fire Department responded to 2918 E. Diamond on a reported structure fire. The first crew on-scene reported a fully involved structure fire, with reports from the neighbors that some occupants were still inside the 2-story, wood-framed apartment building containing 2 apartments on the first floor and 2 apartments on the second floor. Fire fighters aggressively attacked the fire from the interior of the structure while additional fire crews completed a vent-enter-search tactic on two rooms on the 2nd floor at the front of the building. Within a matter of minutes the fire had spread from the first floor to full fire involvement of the 2nd floor and attic requiring a change from an interior (offensive) attack to an exterior (defensive) attack. Additional fire crews were called in due to a serious exposure hazard consisting of a 2-story apartment building located 6-feet to the west of the fire building. This exposure building was staffed with fire crews to prevent that structure from igniting due to the significant amount of radiant heat coming from fire building. The fire was brought under control within 2 hours and fire crews were on scene throughout the night to complete the salvage and overhaul process. Two adults and 2 children were transported to a local hospital and treated for smoke inhalation and one civilian was treated for a burn to his hand. In addition, one firefighter injured his arm during a search of the second floor. Six Engine companies, Two Ladders, a heavy rescue truck and 2 Battalion Chiefs were on scene during the initial operations of this incident. Red Cross arrived on scene and their initial assessment was 26 individuals will be relocated for the night. The Spokane Police Department was also on scene and provided traffic control and scene security during the operational period of this incident.

The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Spokane Fire Departments Special Investigation Unit.

The second floor and attic sustained significant fire damage with smoke and water damage to the rest of the structure. There was minimal heat damage to the exposure building to the west.

# Firefighters Responding: 31

Dollar Loss: $70,000

End Of Release
For more information on this release please call (509) 625-7002