Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fire Press Release

North Spokane Apartment Fire
Incident #: 2013007708
Date of Incident: 02/19/2013
Issuing Officer: C Cornelius / Battalion Chief
Narrative: On Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 09:15 A.M., 6 Companies of Spokane Firefighters, 1 Senior Ladder, 4 Engines, 1 Heavy Rescue and two Battalion Chiefs responded to an apartment fire at 603 E. Houston Ave.  While en-route Fire Dispatch reported that they had received multiple calls reporting fire on the third floor of the apartment building.
Engine 15 was the first company to arrive at the apartment complex.  Engine 13’s officer Lt. Reiser, reported that he had a three story wood frame apartment building with grey smoke showing from the rear of the structure, and fire starting to show from a corner unit.  Incoming apparatus were immediately tasked with securing a water supply for the hose lines and searching the adjacent units on the upper floor of the building.  The quick decisive actions taken by Engine 15’s crew in conjunction with support from the other arriving firefighters brought the fire under control within 20 minutes.  The apartment unit where the fire originated sustained heavy damage, however, the fire was confined solely to this unit with some damage to the attic above.
Fire investigators were on site most of the afternoon processing the fire scene as the cause appeared suspicious in nature.  No injuries were reported at this incident.   Only the tenants in the fire unit have been displaced.
Cause:Still under investigation
Damage:Unit 306
# Firefighters Responding: 25
Dollar Loss: $ 25000
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Two Fire Press Releases

North Battalion Garage Fire
Incident #: 2013007376
Date of Incident: 02/17/2013
Issuing Officer: Battalion Chief Clive Jones
Narrative: On February 16, 2013 at 12:15 AM six companies of the Spokane Fire Department that consisted of four engines, one senior ladder, and one heavy rescue responded to a reported garage fire at 1518 East Liberty.  Ladder and Engine 2 were first to arrive, responding from their Logan Neighborhood fire station Ladder 2 reported a detached garage fully involved with fire.  The fire was confined to the garage through quick actions by all companies on scene. There were no injuries to firefighters or civilians as a result of this incident.
Cause:The fire's cause is under investigation by the SFD's SIU
Damage:Total loss of the garage
# Firefighters Responding: 19
Dollar Loss: $ 20,000.
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North Battalion Structure Fire
Incident #: 2013007486
Date of Incident: 02/17/2013
Issuing Officer: B.C. Mike Thompson
Narrative:On February 17th, 2013 at 4:58pm The Spokane Fire Department responded two dedicated ladders, four engines, one heavy Rescue, and two Battalion Chiefs to a reported structure fire at 1712 East Sharp. Upon arrival companies reported smoke under all the soffits. The first arriving Engine company stretched an attack lead to the interior of the home while ladder crews searched for the occupants and prepared the roof for ventilation. Firefighters located the fire in the attic space and quickly opened up the ceiling to expose it. The well coordinated effort extinguished the fire rapidly, minimizing the damage to the structure. Companies remained on scene approximately two hours removing smoldering insulation and cleaning up the debris.
Cause:The cause is under investigation by the SIU
Damage:There is some structural and wiring damage to the attic area.
# Firefighters Responding: 24
Dollar Loss: $ 3,000
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For more information on this release please call (509) 625-7002