Saturday, November 04, 2006

Greg Borg for President Letter!

Re-Elect Greg Borg

Brothers and Sisters,

I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the past six years as you president. I have been in your service for 25 of 28 years on the job. My service to you has never been about me, it has been about you, it has been about the cause. I firmly believe that we all have a right to be treated equally and fairly, I have seen to that as president. I believe we deserve a fair wage and good working conditions, I have seen to that as president.

I believe it is about results not rhetoric, are you better off now than six years ago? Yes we are! We have seen a 22% raise, water tech pay, 3% more for medics, medic training pay, the city buys our uniforms, a new debit/day system, increased deferred comp, and much more. All of which were negotiated under my leadership. Disciplines are fair and consistent. SAFO now lives by our agreed upon interpretation of the contract.

All this was not easy to get. There have been times when I have had to hold the departments’ leadership to the fire. I had the knowledge, courage and tenacity to do that. I have built a successful political program that has paid off with a great contract and all your grievances settled in our favor. It is knowledge and experience that knows what battles you can win and when to fight them. In the last 18 months I have worked hard to build an improved labor/management relationship. We now have a pleasant and productive working relationship with SAFO and our Chiefs.

I am asking for your vote one more time. I have the knowledge, experience, education and passion needed to be a successful president. Vote for the one that got you ahead!