Saturday, September 22, 2007

Free tickets for mayoral and council debates...

On Monday, October 15th KXLY will hold a live debate at The Bing Crosby Theatre. It will also be telecast on CH 4 from 7-8 p.m. that evening. There will be a panel of media people asking questions of the mayoral candidates & they will take questions from the audience (believe you will have to fill out a card w/question at the theatre). They will also be taking questions via email at the same time.

Tickets are FREE & available NOW at three sites.
The Bing Crosby Theatre, The Spokesman-Review office and the KXLY studio on W. Boone (only site not right downtown & has free parking)

It would be helpful fo Mary to have a large number of her supporters in the crowd. There are some rules, i.e. no signs, no candidate t-shirts, etc & I know they will share those w/individuals when they pick up tickets. Apparently oen can ask for a number of tickets at one time so I'm hoping some of your members will get this message out a GET SOME TICKETS!