Friday, January 05, 2007

Santa Float Video RIP

Well, the Season is pretty much over. I hope your Christmas and New Year was great!

About a week ago, I was forwarded an email from a member who said that an anonymous citizen complained about our Santa Float video. I was a bit puzzled, as I have received nothing but good comments about the video. I heard from you, Local 29 members, and from total strangers who really enjoyed it. They were very complimentary about the whole operation (again thanks to Stn 8) and they thought the video was funny and family-friendly. It received well over 600 viewings Again, there was nothing but positive feedback, except from this one member.

I offered to meet with the offended member and see if there was more to his offense than this video, or what offended him about it. I offered to meet with the “anonymous citizen.” Yet, my offer went unanswered. The citizen, to this day, remains anonymous. I have only heard through the grapevine that the complaining member was offended by the kazoo music, the musical flatulent noises and that, at times, Santa is wearing a scary clown mask. I don’t know if this is true because this person will not meet with me, or talk to me on the phone.

As the holidays are over, and frankly this is taking up too much of my time, I have decided to block the You Tube feed of the Santa Float video. I apologize to all of you who have been enjoying it. I also apologize to the families who have been enjoying it in Spokane and across the United States of America, but I suspect we’ve all moved on from Christmas. No, I don’t have any Easter videos planned yet.

Maybe a yearly Local 29 Santa Float video on YouTube would be a good idea every Christmas. We received a lot of good PR from this one. So, those of you who are video-inclined be thinking about that for next year.

Thanks for reading the blog and for your words of encouragement!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fire Press Release

ISSUING OFFICER: Ken Kirsch Battalion Chief
INCIDENT TYPE: Structure Fire
CITY: Spokane

NARRATIVE: On 01/02/07 at approximately 0814 hrs units of the Spokane Fire Department responded to 1924 E. 1st upon report of a structure fire. Initial reports were that a trailer to the back of the above referenced address was on fire. First arriving Fire Department units found a trailer and wooden shed heavily involved in fire. The trailer and shed were in close proximity to a residential structure also on the property. Pre-connected hose lines were advanced to the fire area and the main body of fire was extinguished within about 15 minutes. Additional hose lines were positioned to protect other endangered structures including a garage, an adjacent residence, and a fence. A total of 23 firefighters on 9 trucks fought this blaze. Fire crews remained on the scene approximately 90 minutes to extinguish the fire and conduct overhaul operations. No injuries were reported to either firefighters or civilians.
PROBABLE CAUSE: City of Spokane Fire Investigators were requested to the scene to determine the cause of the fire. That investigation is currently on going and an exact cause is not yet known. For more information on the cause of this fire you can contact Mike Zambryski at 625-7052.
DAMAGE EXTENT: The fire was largely confined to a trailer and shed on the east side of this property. A nearby fence and a small portion of the exterior of the residence on the property were also damaged. Total dollar loss is approximately $1000.
MUTUAL AID: None Given

Monday, January 01, 2007

Fire Press Release

ISSUING OFFICER: Mike Inman / Battalion Chief
INCIDENT TYPE: Structure Fire
CITY: Spokane
ZIP: 99208

NARRATIVE: At 1107 am the Spokane Fire Department dispatched one Pumper Ladder, one Ladder Truck, 3 Engines, a Rescue Unit and a Battalion Chief to 5417 N. Cannon on a detached garage fire. Upon arrival by the first apparatus the garage had heavy white smoke coming out of every opening. Access to the garage was quick and a fast knockdown of the fire was accomplished by Pumper Ladder 13. A light smoke had entered the house at this address with heavy smoke coming out of the roof vents of the house. A quick investigation into the house indicated that only smoke and no fire had extended to the house. The house is still livable with only a faint smoke smell. Upon talking with the owner it was determined that he had cleaned out a wood burning stove and stored the ashes in a plastic garbage can in the garage where the fire had started. The homeowner also indicated that the stove had not been used for 2 days prior to the cleaning and the ashes had been in the garage for just over 24 hours when the fire occurred. The Spokane Fire Department cannot stress enough the importance of properly disposing of ash cleaned out of a heating appliance. As in this case the wood burning stove had not been used for 2 days prior to the cleaning and it took another day after storing the ash in a flammable container before the fire occurred. You must store ashes in a noncombustible container such as metal and away from any other flammable material such as paper or wood. You should also do the storage outside of any building. Fortunately this fire occurred during the day and was immediately detected resulting in minimal damage to the garage but total damage to a few items stored in the vicinity of the plastic garbage can that ignited. Had this fire occurred at night and had more time build damage most likely would have been more extreme.
PROBABLE CAUSE: Wood burning stove ashes stored in a plasic garbage can inside a structure.
DAMAGE EXTENT: About a 16 square foot section of wall in the garage and some personal items stored in the vicinity of the fire.
MUTUAL AID: None Given