Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Olympia Labor Rally

Brothers and Sisters of the WSCFF, your participation in a major Labor Rally at the Capitol is imperative in relaying an important message - “PUT PEOPLE FIRST!”

Washington’s working families have not only been blamed but punished for damage done by Wall Street banks and corporations. Thousands of public and private-sector workers from all trades will join together in solidarity to state loud and clear - “Our rights to fair working conditions and collective bargaining will not be taken away!”

There is strength in numbers! Don’t miss this opportunity to make an impact!

Get ready for April 2-8! The Washington State Labor Council is organizing a week of solidarity actions.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for these events.

visit www.wscff.org for information on this important event.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More on Triangle FIre...

Brothers and Sisters,

Please have members go to www.iaff7thdistrict.org and read the story about the “Triangle Shirt Fire Happens Again”………………lets get this thing going!

Ricky J. Walsh