Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Fumes from rotting seaweed on France's northern beaches could kill

Probably something we should be aware of on the Spokane River.

Hopefully cell phone speed dialers will not read this article and add this to their list of potential 9-1-1 calls, along with bicycle-near-the-river and abandoned-raft-floating-down-the-river.

"Engine Four cell phone caller states that he saw some seaweed like growth washed up in People's Park. Check and advise."

If this story hits FOX News, you know we're going to get the call!

Fire Press Release

ISSUING OFFICER: Craig Cornelius / Battalion Chief
INCIDENT TYPE: Structure Fire
INCIDENT ADDRESS: West 4930 Princeton Pl.
CITY: Spokane
ZIP: 99201

NARRATIVE: This evening, August 4, 2009 at 4:46 pm, the Spokane Fire Department dispatched Engine 16 under the direction of Captain Jim McNamee to West 4930 Princeton Pl. E16 was sent to investigate smoke coming from a chimney in a home. Engine 16 arrived on the scene within two minutes of being dispatched and found a home that not only had smoke coming from the chimney, but also had smoke coming from the back side of the home.

Captain McNamee established Princeton Command and activated a normal fire response which dispatched 4 additional fire apparatus and 2 chief officers to the location. E16s crew masked up, stretched hose lines, and determined that the main body of fire was in the home's basement.

As the additional companies arrived, an aggressive fire attack was made into the structure and down the stairs into the basement to attack the fire. Firefighters from Station's 3 and 13 searched the first floor of the home for occupants. The searching firefighters located a large unconscious dog that had succumbed to the heavy smoke inside the home.

The unconscious dog was rescued from the burning home while crews extinguished the fire in the basement. The dog was treated and revived by Medic Bill Gonzalez and his crew from Station 13. Medic Gonzalez worked on the family pet for about 20 minutes. The family (who had returned home during the firefighting operations), transported the revived dog to their Veterinarian where it will be evaluated and treated. The family did lose one cat in the fire.

The fire in the home was knocked down within twenty minutes, with the majority of the fire damage confined to the basement. Smoke damage was sustained throughout the home. No injuries were incurred by Firefighters at this incident. The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time and the official pronouncement will be made by Investigators after all the evidence had been reviewed.

PROBABLE CAUSE: Still under investigation
DAMAGE EXTENT: See narrative
MUTUAL AID: None Given

For more information on this release, please call (509)625-7002 and/or check out the SFD Blog at