Monday, December 24, 2012

Fire Press Release

Family Saved by Smoke Detector
Incident #: 2012055719
Date of Incident: 12/24/2012
Issuing Officer: Bob Green/Battalion Chief
Narrative: The Spokane City Fire Dept. dispatched firefighting crews and their apparatus to 3218 W. Rosamond Ave. at 03:14 hrs on Monday morning, Dec. 24th,  to a reported structure fire at that address. As Ladder #4 arrived on scene from their fire station located in Brown’s Addition, they reported by Fire Dept. radio that there was visible fire showing through a bedroom window of the structure, they also reported that all the occupants were safely outside, having been awakened by a working smoke detector. Shortly thereafter Engine #4 arrived at the scene, their response was somewhat delayed since they were away from their station finishing up on an EMS call. Once Engine #4 was on scene they were ordered to advance a lead inside the structure and locate the fire. As additional crews began arriving on scene they were given assignments that included search and rescue, a second fire attack lead, a back-up lead to protect the crews already inside, water supply, roof ventilation, a scene Safety Officer, and a Rapid Intervention Team to be in place should a fire fighter become injured or lost inside the building. The Incident Commander upgraded this fire to a “working fire”; this up-grade would add an additional fire apparatus to the incident. The fire was located in one of the bedrooms and in a very well coordinated effort between the crews on scene the bedroom window was broken from the exterior just as the crews inside made their attack on the fire and the crew on the roof opened up the roof. The result of this well planned attack was a quick knock-down of the fire which kept the fire damage confined to that room of origin. While the fire damage was limited to the one room there was considerable smoke damage throughout the building. There were no reports of injuries to any of the occupants of the house or to fire fighters at the scene. The cause of this fire is currently being investigated by the Spokane City Fire Dept.’s Special Investigation Unit. 5 engines, 2 ladders, 1 heavy rescue truck, and two Command Vehicles delivered 27 fire fighters to this incident.
Cause:Under Investigation.
Damage:One bedroom and contents completely destroyed. Smoke damage throughout. A large hole was cut in the roof for ventilation purposes. Electricity and natural gas utilities were shut off.
# Firefighters Responding: 27
Dollar Loss: $ 20,000
End Of Release 
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