Thursday, January 02, 2014

Furnace fire displaces family.

At 05:29 AM, January 01, 2014 Spokane Fire Department companies responded to 3104 West Wellesley on a reported structure fire.  When fire companies arrived on scene it was confirmed that all the occupants and pets were safely out of the single family wood framed dwelling. Fortunately the occupants were alerted by working smoke detectors from the Initial  light smoke in the home. Companies reported the smoke intensity increasing on the first floor of the home and the incident was upgraded to a working fire.  This added a second dedicated ladder company, A.M.R. ambulance, an investigator along with Avista gas and electric to the response. Fire companies located the source of the heavy smoke from the malfunctioning natural gas furnace after approximately 10 minutes.  Once the power and natural gas were shut off to the furnace the incident soon deescalated.  No extinguishment was required. The home was ventilated and minor overhaul was completed. Due to the inoperable furnace, the family of two adults, two teenagers and one infant were displaced and being assisted by the Red Cross until repairs can be made. Avista has disconnected natural gas service to the home. No injuries were reported to civilians or firefighters.

Cause: The Spokane Fire Department Battalion Chief and Special Investigation Unit have declared the natural gas fired furnace inoperable and in need of repair or replacement along with inspection by Avista prior to any occupants habituating the home.
There is light smoke damage throughout the home along with damage to the ceiling in one bedroom when attempting to locate the source of heat and potential fire extension into the attic. The furnace and portions of the ductwork are in need of replacement and or repair.

# Firefighters Responding: 22
Dollar Loss: $ 10,000.00
Other Agencies Responding:
A.M.R. Ambulance, Avista and Red Cross.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Northside Vehicle Extrication

Extrication Wellesley & Belt
Incident #: 2013061089
Date of Incident: 12/29/2013
Issuing Officer: Battalion Chief C Jones
Narrative: On December 29, 2013 at 8:28 P.M. the Spokane Fire Department responded to an extrication call involving two vehicles at the intersection of Wellesley and Belt.  Fire crews arrived within minutes to fine one light sedan and one SUV. There were two occupants in the SUV and three occupants in the sedan. All five patients were checked for injuries, the two patients in the SUV were not injured, the three in the sedan were found with neck and back injuries and after extrication form the car, were transported by AMR to nearby medical centers. Spokane Police were on scene and are investigating.
# Firefighters Responding: 16
Other Agencies Responding:
Spokane Police Department, AMR

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Two Northside Structure Fires

Incident #: 2013060920
Date of Incident: 12/28/2013
Issuing Officer: Craig Cornelius/Battalion Chief
Narrative: On Saturday, December 28, 2013 a little after 9:00 PM, the Spokane Fire Department Dispatch Center received a 911 call for a house fire located at 3017 E. Rowan.  Callers reported fire in a single story residence with smoke coming from the eaves and roof of the home.  Fire Dispatchers diverted Ladder 2 from a nearby medical call and assigned it to this incident along with 5 other apparatus.  Ladder 2’s crew arrived on scene within 3 minutes, reported a working fire and went to work.  Command was assumed by a Battalion Chief arriving shortly after Ladder 2.  Ladder 2’s personnel verified everyone was out of the home by speaking with bystanders and performing a search of the structure.  Engine 8 applied the first water on the fire with the additional incoming resources coordinated into the fire attack. This fire was controlled within 10 minutes of Ladder 2’s arrival, but crews spent several hours removing burned material from the home and checking for hot spots.  Fire cause is accidental in nature and appears to be related to a wood stove used to heat the home.  There were no injuries at this incident, and one tenant and dog have been displaced by the fire and the resulting damage to the structure.
Shortly after 10:47 PM, another fire was reported at an apartment complex located at 6901 N. Wiscomb.  Eight apparatus, most having just worked at the Rowan fire were now responding to this incident.  Engine 18, the first to arrive, reported fire and smoke showing from the eave line on the north side of the building.  Engine crews advanced hose lines to two of the upper units.  They found fire in a common wall between the two apartments and in the attic above the wall.  Occupants were evacuated, followed by a search of the building’s four apartment units to verify everyone was safe.  Firefighters had the fire controlled within 20 minutes, but continued to work for several hours making sure the fire was out.  The fire originated in a second floor wall with the cause being electrical in nature.  The building sustained fire damage in two of the upstairs apartments and a portion of the attic.  One family of 3 has been displaced. 

Cause: First Fire wood stove.
Second Fire electrical.

Damage: Rowan Fire: 3 rooms and a portion of the attic.
Wiscomb Fire: Common Wall in two apartments and a portion of the ceiling/attic.

# Firefighters Responding: 27
Dollar Loss: $ 35000
Other Agencies Responding:

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