Tuesday, August 02, 2005

City Council is looking for your suggestions...

They've heard from Greg, Mike and Mark. They've told the Council ways that the city could save money (or make money) in the Fire Department. Councilperson Mary Verner, responding to the story about American Airlines, is asking for your individual suggestions. Please take a moment at home or work, to respond to her request. I've heard a lot of good ideas out there. Email CityCouncilMembers@SpokaneCity.org to let the entire Council hear your ideas and, hopefully, get us back on track.

Thanks, John

A letter that John sent to city officials. Click to see the article:

Bankrupt American Airlines' CEO started paying attention to what its workers (union members) had to say about doing their jobs more efficiently, instead of just listening to department heads. The result? Profitability.

From the article:

"Two years ago, American was dodging bankruptcy, and labor strife hit a peak after unions voted to accept steep pay cuts, only to find out that management had given itself big bonuses and protected their pension plans from creditors in the case of bankruptcy. Unions were livid and temporarily suspended approval of the givebacks.

Call that the nadir. The board reacted almost immediately, ousting CEO Donald Carty and eventually bringing in Gerard Arpey, who put into place the current employee-based turnaround plan."

The article:



John Griffith

Local 29 E-Board